Bogi Beykov – Opening monologue – GITR ’14

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_DSC0618 (1)On November 17th 2014 Bogi was asked to host the Eastern European finals of the entrepreneurial competition – Get in the Ring.

Here is what he said (or was allowed to say) during the opening of the event!


”Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to Get in the Ring! My name is Bogi and I will be your host tonight! Welcome to this magnificent room that looks like the set for Rocky the Musical put on by the theatre in Pernik. I feel like singing ‘Rising up, back on the street, did my time, took my chances…’

I was surprised to see that many young people in here tonight and then I realized what the reason was. Guys, this is Terminal 1, Terminal 2 is a little outside the city.

So why are we here tonight? Honestly, I have no idea. I am very tired, hungry and want to go home. But it’s reassuring to see young intelligent people gathered in this day and age to watch a group of businessmen viciously attack each other. Oh sorry, I was thinking of the public contracts for agriculture funded by European Commission in Bulgaria. That’s a different kind of a show.

We have 12 contestants tonight from Russia and Eastern Europe or as the guys from Russia would say Russia and the gas-sucking tribes of the south.

Entrepreneurs – the brave people of this world! In Bulgaria the entrepreneurs are so brave they don’t even delete their browsing history after they spend 5 hours on every day. Some even bookmark, right between linkedin and

Entrepreneurs live exciting lives full of thrilling events such as networking cocktails. I was trying to explain what networking was to my cousin’s daughter the other day. I said ‘Honey, networking is this game that adults play sometimes where you talk to strangers and try to come up with as many topics as you can to cover up the fact that the only reason you are here in the first place is A) asking for money and B) free alcohol.’

And what better month to have the competition than November. November is particularly exciting for entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe because this is when we all play the green card lottery and hope for the best.

Bulgaria is a proud country with traditions in entrepreneurship. Dear entrepreneurs, you have come to the right place to get in the ring. After all in Bulgaria we have come up with such marvelous inventions as потури, pop-folk and чушкопек. Let me just elaborate real quick for the jury. Ladies and gentlemen, a чушкопек is an original Bulgarian device for roasting fresh peppers on the outside which in turn makes it easier to skin them and marinate them in vinegar. So that in the winter when we go back to our village we can enjoy some peppers while we try to stuff a big чукан in the fireplace, wear a pair of терлици and listen to Николина Чакърдъкова on the радиоточка.

There is also another reason why Bulgaria is such an amazing place for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems and we have such a rich variety of problems in here. I believe we should actually think of some ideas for businesses solving some of our local issues.

For example social integration for the ethnic minorities. We can easily start distributing old books to Bulgarian villages and hang them on electricity poles so that when the gypsies climb up to cut some wire they get this pleasant surprise. And it’s useful too, imagine the joy when you go up for metal and come down with metal and paper!

We can also fight corruption. With such an abundant resource of developers one can easily develop an app for anonymous donations to МВР so that when you get pulled over for driving 180 km/h on your way to Лозенец, the police officer kindly punches in a number on your phone and you press send and get back on the highway.

It is funny how all great ideas come from simple desires. Henry Ford wanted to make cars, Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, wanted to sell furniture and Steve Jobs just wanted to be rich. So ridiculously rich, he could get away with wearing a turtleneck and sneakers his entire career.

Without further ado, welcome to Get in the Ring!“

Bogi - Live and unplucked - announcement
Bogi Beykov - Live from Studio 5 - announcement