Bogus Laugh Show with Bogi Beykov is a comedy talk show of the late night television variety. It is airing on Youtube since 2015. In 2016 a few special episodes of the show were recorded live in Studio 5, Sofia. Currently there is a new episode each Sunday at 10 pm EET. Additional interviews and digital shorts are also occasionally released.

The Team:


Bogi Beykov is one of the first and the longest running standup comedians in Bulgaria. He is the creator, writer and editor of the show.



Devi Simeonov is the main camera operator of the show. Devi has his own segment 3 практични съвета and has made many guest appearances.




Stefcho Avramov is the band leader of the show. He also stars in the segment Stefcho’s How-to’s and makes occassional cameos.




Softboys is the house band of the show. The group features Stefcho on guitar, Stiliyan Savov on the bass and Borko Kadev on the drums.





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